Get Allergen-Free Bedding With Chester Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaners ChesterWith constant usage, your mattress gets shabby from dust and various pollutants that can be a potential health risk for you. The solution – all dust mites and bacteria on it need to be removed. Stop thinking about the soiled state of the mattress you sleep on. Reward yourself with a deserved and undisturbed good night sleep on a deep cleaned and hygienic mattress.

Allergies to dust mites and dirt are a common thing among many people. Regular hoovering does not provide the thorough cleanup a mattress needs to prevent all these issues. Also, vacuuming won’t remove the stains. But don’t worry and rest assured our competent mattress cleaning services can remove allergens and stains with ease to leave your bedding cleaner and fresher, so you can relax in its comfort.

Efficient Mattress Cleaning Methods

  • Hot water extraction (steam mattress cleaning): Provides the deepest cleaning, but has some limitations – can be used only for water tolerant materials. Hot water is mixed with detergent in a specialised machine that injects the solution under pressure into the mattress base and then extracts it back. Removes any stains and pollutants in a flash. You just have to wait a few hours of dry time (depends on temperature and ventilation) to enjoy a sterile and spotless mattress.
  • Dry mattress cleaning: Usually used for mattresses made of synthetic materials that can’t withstand water treatment. This natural cleaning technique uses powder substance that dissolves and removes all spores and dust mites. A powerful vacuum then extracts this powder along all dust and allergens.
  • After each cleaning procedure we will treat your mattress with an anti-allergen spray to protect its condition and your health for longer.

    Your Benefits of Booking Our Mattress Cleaning Services Today

    • Get healthy and uninterrupted sleep, no more dust mites, no more allergies
    • Take advantage of deep and eco-friendly mattress cleaning procedures
    • Work with reference vetted, trained and fully insured mattress cleaning technicians
    • Improve the cleanliness of your home by adding carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning to your order
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