Gentle Upholstery Cleaning Techniques For Your Sofas and Armchairs

Upholstery Cleaners ChesterEvery upholstered furniture is an expensive addition to your home and when not maintained properly on a regular basis, it can deteriorate beyond repair. Delicate fabrics, be it synthetic or natural, should be handled with extreme care. Trust our cleaners to protect your investment and prolong its lifespan.

There are two reliable cleaning techniques that get the job done with great care:

  • Steam upholstery cleaning: The most appropriate solution for efficient stain removal. Hot water and detergents are mixed together and applied on the textile in the form of steam, penetrating deep inside the fabric and effectively removing allergens and stains. A few hours are necessary for the upholstery to completely dry. Opening a door or a window in the room will speed up the process.
  • Dry powder cleaning: Used when the fabric can shrink or alter its colours when wet. A dry powder is distributed over the textile to loosen up all contaminants, and then vacuumed alongside all dirt, dust and bacteria.

Utilising these effective cleaning techniques we can promise no tearing of stitch lines, shrinkage and loss of colour, because our know-how and expertise ensure spotless and fresh sofas and armchairs.

Preserve Your Leather Furniture With Regular Cleaning

Prevent your leather sofas and armchairs from losing their vibrant colours and distinct aroma because of the everyday use. Restore your leather furnishing to the condition it was when you first bought it. Get assistance with this tough task and enjoy the comfort of your leather furniture once again.

Leather maintenance is a tricky task as each type of leather demands a different cleaning approach. Not knowing exactly how to handle your leather upholstery can damage it severely. Leather cleaning requires a delicate, professional touch and a sequenced approach.

Ensure Beautiful and Clean Curtains in Your Chester Home

Are you handling your curtain cleaning on your own? Do you have the time to do it properly? Is throwing them in the washing machine providing you with the desired results? No? Machine washing can severely damage your curtains in terms of stretching, shrinking or discolouration. Instead of great addition, your draperies might turn into a dull rag. Prevent all that with a qualified cleaning service, utilising professional equipment and detergents, allowing them to be cleaned even while still hanging.

Curtains are the items in your home that are constantly exposed to various pollutant sources, such as cigarette smoke, food odours and dust floating in the air. Day after day it’s all absorbed into the fabric. Regular maintenance greatly improves your curtains cleanliness and the feeling of the room they are in.

Advantages of Working With Our Cleaning Company in Chester

  • Prolong the lifespan of your upholstered furniture, curtains and draperies
  • Get rid of stains and bad odours, ensure better air quality in all your rooms
  • Work with fully insured and extensively trained textile cleaning technicians
  • Add mattress cleaning and carpet cleaning to your order to further increase the cleanliness of your bedrooms
  • Ask for our cost saving opportunities when your book more cleaning services at the same time
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